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Baruti Analytics founded by Renato Baruti, Author of the book Learning Alteryx, a #1 New Release in Enterprise Applications. He is an Alteryx & Tableau Certified Professional and the Tampa Bay Alteryx User Group leader, strengthening the self-service analytics community by bringing professionals closer together to share endless data-driven insights Alteryx has to offer. As a Udemy Instructor, he has taught thousands of students the power behind using data analytics effectively.

Baruti Analytics is passionate about helping people use Alteryx and Tableau to identify key data elements by building optimal data models and creative, state-of-the-art interactive data visualizations enabling data-driven business decision making.

At Baruti Analytics, we take on any scope of the project and discover organizational challenges to help you by developing strong analytical capabilities that lead to an insight-driven organization.

With several years of analytics and business intelligence experience, Baruti Analytics can support any sector in healthcare, finance, banking, insurance, and more to successfully reaching your data journey.

Professionally, Renato has over 7 years of experience in business intelligence and data analytics and over 13 years of healthcare experience.

After graduating with an Economics degree from the University of South Florida, Renato continued with that interest as a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. His experience has ranged across data structure and design using SQL, building intuitive Alteryx workflows to answer complex business problems, and finishing with expressive data visualizations by developing Interactive Tableau dashboards to revolutionize not just how individuals work, but how the entire organization works.

Renato believes in learning by understanding and loves teaching everything he learns! He has a passion for using Alteryx and Tableau that grows exponentially day after day, identifying relationships in data and solving problems in minutes.

Book Testimonials


Rod Dillehay -  I have very much recommended this book to two companies who have new team members working to understand, use and then become certified in Alteryx. This is a hands on, practical text for understanding how to use it hands on. You can understand exactly how to use Alteryx with the illustrated steps in the book. I would say great for entry level and mid level users, spend time with this text and Alteryx is yours!

Renato (the author) has run the User Group here in Tampa and draws a very large crowd for those events where he shares his passion for Alteryx. I would expect a more advanced book is next!

Mark Edralin -  I started to learn from Renato in Udemy on his course. Now that he has published his own textbook I want to congratulate him for the job well done. I like how the entire text are written. With all the diagrams that aid the explanations, it's so easy to read and follow. If you are starting to learn Alteryx this book would be very helpful.

Thank you Renato for coming up with this amazing book. 


Udemy Course Testimonials


Ethan Greenberg -  Renato provides a solid foundation for Alteryx and goes through step by step on how to achieve the results with the tools used. Definitely feel more confident using Alteryx after taking this course.

Amarjit Ningthoujam - Thanks for the very detailed explanation of the various ways the tools can be used.

Carolyn Carter - I liked all three courses, but I liked this instructors method best. He provides quick reference materials to remember tools and their uses, and he goes in-depth in each tool he chooses. 

Ankita Raj - Overall the course was good. I got a pretty fair idea of the tool. The instructor has explained all the features well. 

Wing-Leung Tang - I am a beginner in Alteryx. The user is led step by step to use the tool. The instructor speaks slowly and clearly. 

Eric Payne - Phenomenal content - clear and well explained. 

Denis Subin - As the author run through the course very quickly, it would be useful to get some more information on different formula options that he selects. Apart from it, the lecturer is very experienced and responsive. Renato added the formula sheet to make studying easy. Very happy with the course. Thanks! 

Lauren Beckwith -  Great practical examples! 

Maria Prodan - This is an advanced course with lots of practical real life examples. These examples helped me see the power of Alteryx and were exactly what I was looking for. I learned a lot and I feel more confident using Alteryx. The instructor is knowledgeable and his teaching style is easy to follow.

Siddhartha Choudhury - Very very good explanation. Learned a lot. 

Jonathan Hays -  Great learning so far. It explains every simple topic in order, as if the tools used in each section are prerequisites for the next section. I was engaged and would definitely advise anyone who wants to learn Alteryx to take this course.

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