The Power of Data in Your Hands

The Power of Data in Your Hands

The Power of Data in Your HandsThe Power of Data in Your HandsThe Power of Data in Your Hands


Baruti Analytics founded by Renato Baruti, Author of the book Learning Alteryx, a #1 New Release in Enterprise Applications. He is an Alteryx & Tableau Certified Professional and the Tampa Bay Alteryx User Group leader, strengthening the self-service analytics community by bringing professionals closer together to share endless data-driven insights Alteryx has to offer. As a Udemy Instructor, he has taught thousands of students the power behind using data analytics effectively.

Baruti Analytics is passionate about helping people use Tableau and Alteryx to identify key data elements by building optimal data models and creative, state-of-the-art interactive data visualizations enabling data-driven business decision making.

At Baruti Analytics, we take on any scope of the project and discover organizational challenges to help you by developing strong analytical capabilities that lead to an insight-driven organization.

With several years of analytics and business intelligence experience, Baruti Analytics can support any sector in healthcare, finance, banking, insurance, and more to successfully reaching your data journey.




Improve your data-driven efficiency and effectiveness. We bring our experience of data modeling and data visualization theory and best practice to any project, yielding big insights and maximizing return on investment.



No matter where you are in your Tableau and Alteryx journey, we can provide training to ensure you're on the pathway to seeing valuable data, faster.



We can work with you on anything from training and managing your analytics projects to turn your analytic capabilities and data assets into a true competitive advantage.

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To enable meaningful data-driven insights and provide the highest quality self-service analytics and data visualization training that drive business success.

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